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Sarajevo - Mostar tour

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SARAJEVO: Sarajevo is capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s largest city with ca 420.000 citizens. Sarajevo is one of those cities that are more than a place where people live. It is a symbol, a brand, living thru history with its own never changing soul and charm.  Can you imagine a place where the new and the old, the traditional and the modern, the East and the West are all intertwined? Others have said it for us: “The air is freer in Sarajevo… a charming, sophisticated city.” This city is stuffed with history: from Latin Bridge, where the Austro-Hungarian heir to the thrown Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife was assassinated (marking the start of the World War I), Winter Olympic Games in 1984 and the last, tragically war that lasted from 1992 until the and of 1995. The old part of the city - Baščaršija is the heartbeat of Sarajevo and certainly the most popular part which dates back to the long period of Ottoman rule. Celebrated in songs, painted on canvas, today more than ever, its beauty attracts visitors from around the world.

MOSTAR: Mostar is the largest city in Herzegovina and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.  Mostar is proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Old Town and the Stari Most (Old Bridge) – the famous bridge over the turquoise-green Neretva River. Get to know the city by visiting lively cafes and peaceful galleries. Find yourself a quit spot in the yards of old mosques, go under the bridge to see famous jumpers, who maintain this tradition for decades by performing daring jumps from the 25 m high bridge. In Pocitelj, a small town near Mostar, many art galleries gives a visible image of various influences, upon painters. Pocitelj, a famous art colony, has been representing an inspiration and asylum for artists from all around Europe for decades. 12 km away from Mostar is Blagaj – small town, famous historical and tourist place located in the care of Hercegovina, on the spring of the river Buna. Buna Spring is historical and natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.The most known building is the widely known and renowned dervish tekke (lodge).


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